Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PLN Status

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My Twitter account has exploded! Well not really, but I feel such a relief that there are some science teachers out there that use Twitter. I have made some new additions to my Twitter and I am now following: Sandra McCarron, Richard Byrne, Phillip Cook, and Jason K. Suter.
I let them know that I was getting my degree in education and I wanted to teach high school science and here are the Tweets I got back


@akins14 for science you should follow @sanmccarron her blog is she'll have good recs for you too

From: cookp

@akins14 thanks for following! What are you interested in? I can probably suggest some good sites.
Here are the blogs that are now part of my PLN.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog

Free Technology for Teachers

Teach Web

At the Teacher's Desk

Digital Natives in the Classroom

School 2.0 in SA

Science Education on the Edge

Science for All

Reflections of a Science Teacher


  1. You've really taken off with this idea of networking. That's great! After you graduate from EDM310, be sure to keep producing so that you will have something to offer in return.

  2. This post really made an impression on me. I admit I have not been using twitter for anything to benefit myself as a teacher. You got great responses and some really good links. I am probably changing my major to secondary science. I would like to follow your tweet in the future and I think I will do something like you did to find other good people to follow. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  3. Thanks for the great post Stephen. It was really encouraging to see the results your getting by using Twitter. I must admit that it's been something of a struggle for me to get into using Twitter but I'm trying really hard.

  4. Great post Stephen! It is awesome to see how well you are doing with Twitter. I barely have used it myself, but after seeing such progress with you I will definitely start exploring.