Friday, July 16, 2010

Blog Post 13

These videos are really touching and really show how these kids are feeling about the current crisis of the oil spill. I really haven't thought about the families that have been truly devastated by this spill until I watched these videos. I think that everyone should try to put themselves in the shoes of these families that have been affected and see what they are going through. Here are the videos by Alba Middle School.

Comment on Mean Oil Spill
Hey there,
My name is Stephen Akins and I am also from the University of South Alabama. I am taking a class called EDM 310 and we are assigned to comment. I think your video speaks really true and I know that this oil spill is a "mean" one. I really liked this video and I was glad to hear that the oil has stopped leaking for now! I know that many people will see this video and know really how it has affected all of us on the gulf coast. You all did a great job on this video.

Comment on Just Pray
This is another great way to show others how people on the gulf coast feel and what it really means to them. Like the people shown in the video, many others have been hurt by this spill. This is really another great video by you guys. Keep on making videos and tell others about how this oil spill has affected our way of life.

Comments for Classmates 12

James Marshall's
Hey James,
I think this is a great way to teach the guitar. I started playing the guitar once but never found the time to continue with it. I also like the time line on the different periods. I also thought about doing my time line on the different periods of the earth but I found so many conflicting times for all the periods. This post looks great.

Alissa Logan's
Hey Alissa,
Your son is really getting good at sounding out words. It is so awesome to see how children start off and really surprise us and themselves when they learn something new! You did a great job in keeping him on track. This is a really good video.

Erin Knowles
I think you pretty much said it all. This is a great view of Pausch's video and how he thought life should be lived. I really think you said it most when you talked about how we shouldn't just look at just one student, we should try to help all our students. It wouldn't be fair to any of the other students in the class if we didn't want all of them to succeed.

Like you, I think we should also keep our child-like mentality when teaching. Not only to keep it fun but to remember what it was like to be a child sitting in the classroom.


  1. Hi Stephen, Great posts. Go check out my two teach someone videos.

  2. Can we actually just copy and paste our actual comments instead of summarizing? Great blog by the way!