Monday, September 13, 2010

Plastic bags: Their Cycle of Life


  1. Omg!!! Corey was cracking up the whole time we watched this. "For the first time, with out highly advanced night vision goggles, we have captured the plastic bag in pitch dark... PHENOMENAL" hahaha Love it, dude.

  2. The daughter of a good friend of mine thought about captaining a ship to record and attempt to develop ways to attack the Pacific Ocean plastic garbage dump. I knew it was large, but the size of Texas? My friend's daughter ultimately kept her job as Director of Tourism for Alaska, but the efforts to address the plastic garbage dump continue. It is led by a wealthy woman in San Francisco. We should be able to find out more.

    An excellent video. Thanks Stephen!

  3. I thought that this was interesting. Thanks Anthony and Dr. Strange. Just as Dr. Strange pointed out, waste is now as much part of our environment as the wildlife is! So, this video depicts that in a humorous way.

    Thanks again!